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Car Bazar

Car Bazar is more than an auto publication – it is a general interest motoring newspaper. Where other motoring titles target tightly focused tribal audiences, we aim for a broader appeal. As well as news and reviews on new models, the magazine takes an interest in - and a position on - issues such as cost of car ownership, the environment, road safety, holiday driving tips and technology.

We fill a unique niche here in the UAE, serving as a consumer guide, news source, opinion leader, and popular entertainment medium for auto fans. Few titles combine Car Bazar’s hands-on practicality and depth of subject knowledge with its HIGH STANDARDS of creative writing and photography – all contained in an exciting tabloid format. Car Bazar provides blanket coverage for the local, regional and international auto scene.

As a bonus, it covers the pre-owned market too, including incorporating a FREE classified section. Car Bazar is an industry leader in knowing what matters most to car-crazy readers. This is because we invest heavily in market and consumer information, as well as audience research.

Most of our issues are read by three or more people.

Car Bazar - Rate Card

Size Dimensions Gross Cost
Full Page Colour 33cm (H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 15,000
Half Page Colour 16.5 cm(H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 8,500
Quarter Page Colour 16.5 cm(H) x 4 col (13.5 cm) (W) AED 4,500
Double Page Spread 33 cm (H) x 54 cm (W) AED 25,000
Full page colour on Cover 25 cm (H) x 8 col (27cm)(W) AED 28,000
Half page colour on Cover 16.5 cm(H) x 8 col(27cm) (W) AED 18,480
Ear panel on Cover 4 cm (H) x 2 col (W) AED 2,200
Strip ad on Cover 5 cm (H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 5,600
Large Strip ad on Cover 7 cm (H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 7,840
Strip ad 5 cm (H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 4,000
OBC 33cm (H) x 8 col (27cm) (W) AED 21,500
Half page colour on OBC 16.5 cm(H) x 8 col(27cm) (W) AED 12,700

Car Bazar - Specification

Column Width CM Size
1 Column width3.375 cm
2 Column width6.75 cm
3 Column width 10.15 cm
4 Column width 13.5 cm
5 Column width 16.87 cm
6 Column width 20.25 cm
7 Column width 23.62 cm
8 Column width 27 cm

Car Bazar - Distribution

Emirate Quantity
SHARJAH 10,000
AL AIN 2,000
AJMAN 1,000
VIP + Subscribers 4,000
137, Building 9,
Dubai Media City,
P.O. Box 502208,
Tel: +971 4 4534050
Fax: +971 4 3904569